The Best Sellers Project (TBSP) is an online program for people who want to successfully self-publish a book. We’ve assembled everything we’ve learned over the past 12 years in regards to publishing, publicity, distribution, traditional/ online marketing and promotion strategies into a 4-week CONTENT RICH program geared towards teaching you how to PUBLISH FOR PROFIT.

Writing is not just a passion, but a business that if done right, can earn you a very lucrative income.

Instead of chasing down major publishing houses, invest your money in YOURSELF and take your writing career into your own hands. There has never been a better (or easier) time than now to self publish and we’re excited to show you exactly how it’s done by giving you our COMPLETE BUSINESS PLAN!

It’s all about taking ACTION!

Our system works.

And this is the ONLY place where we’re exposing all the self-publishing techniques we use to succeed in the literary industry.




My book series, Dirty Divorce, has sold over 50k copies because of the branding, sales, marketing and promotional strategies I learned in The Best Sellers Project. If you want to learn how to hustle your books and make money like these two powerhouses …The Best Sellers Project is definitely for you! They are the publishing industries best kept secret!

Miss KP Best Selling Author of The Dirty Divorce series and Paparazzi



How to set up your publishing empire for success, even if you are a one woman/man operation, including- how to name your company, what business structure to use in setting up your company, how to set up a business bank account, how to keep great records, how to obtain ISBNs/Barcodes/Copyrights, and how to finance your publication.

How to determine your ideal target audience and niche- because your book IS NOT and SHOULD NOT be for “EVERYBODY.”

Breaking down the elements of publishing, including- editing, proofreading, book design, printing, shipping and marketing.

How to pick a book cover and title that’ll get your readers to be fans for life. Because people judge books by their covers and trust us, you don’t want to have the “walk of book cover shame.” And yes, that’s a thing.

How to RELAUNCH your book if you’ve already published, but aren’t swimming in the money and raving fans like you dreamed you would (you’ll thank us later:).


Why marketing, personal branding, and sales are soooooooo important to the success of your book…and why most books fail.

How to create an EFFECTIVE marketing campaign that’ll practically have your books selling themselves. You’ll also receive a sample 30 day marketing plan from Tiphani’s very own bestselling series.

7 Ways to Fearlessly Self-Promote Your Book- even if you’re terrified to talk about your work (and believe me, we’ve ALL been there).

How to build a POWERFUL personal brand- so that your fans will buy every book you publish no matter what topic you end up writing about later.

How to release the FEAR of promoting the book you’ve worked so hard to launch. This is a serious topic that’s stopping you (women especially) from making serious money. We’re on a mission to end the SHAME around promotion and sales, once and for all.

How to MASTER the art of selling- because if you want to make any money, you’re going to want to know this.

After participating in The Best Sellers Project I am crystal clear on how to get my message out to the world in a way that is unique to me and speaks to those people who my books are created for. The live strategy sessions and resource guides are priceless and have helped me save major time and money publishing my book.

My confidence has skyrocketed because I now have all the tools, resources and strategies to impact more lives and make more money doing what I love- Helping Others Transform! Thank you!

Angel Richards
Angel Richards CEO of Angel Richards Publishing, Inc., Tampa, FL


How to obtain MAJOR distribution and placement in MAJOR chain and online bookstores BEFORE your book comes out.

The difference between book printers and commercial printers and which one will give you the most bang for your buck.

How to sell your books to non-traditional markets- because you never want to put your eggs all in one basket.

How to negotiate your printing costs…like a BOSS! Because let’s face it. You’d rather make more trips to the bank than to the book printer for over paying (and believe us, over paying sucks…BIG time).

How many books to print for your initial run and how to price them. Wondering if you should order 10k books and sell them for $1.99 (or $99) each? We got you covered!

I enrolled in The Best Sellers Project AFTER I already self published my book. I sold a few copies to friends and family, but not as many as I hoped and I wasn’t sure what to do next, so I signed up for TBSP to learn how to market effectively. Tiphani and Azarel gave me invaluable feedback on my cover and title, helped me create a marketing plan, and most importantly, helped me work through my fear of putting my book out there! 

Alana Mbanza Author of Love Sick: Learning to Love and Let Go


How to create a book budget to avoid going broke (Yup, we’re breaking down allllllll your costs).

How much money you can REALLY make in the publishing industry. Tiphani made $25k in her first month as a self published author. Tressa made a $40k profit in her first two months of self publishing. There is money to be made. Don’t let ANYONE tell you differently.

How to be just as good as the major publishing houses- we’ll teach you how to reinvest your money back into your business to make more money, how to get licensing deals, and how to get nationally recognized.

How to finance your own publication- these days, it’s never been easier.

What parts of the year affect your sales for better and for worse. Don’t get caught in the book matrix. We’re going to tell you which months are the best to put your book out so that you’re in the best position to succeed.

After implementing what Azarel and Tiphani taught me, I was able to write a book about my life story and build a huge buzz for my book that skyrocketed it to #1 on Amazon…all from pre-order sales! Not too long after my book made the New York Times bestsellers list!!

The knowledge that they so generously give is priceless!

Winter Ramos Reality TV Star + New York Times Bestselling Author of Game Over

Before I took The Best Seller’s Project, writing a book was just a dream that I had.  Actually publishing it myself seemed far fetched and I really didn’t know that it was possible.  The information that I learned was INVALUABLE! These ladies literally take you from A to Z as it relates to writing, publishing, marketing and earning profits from your book. 

Key details such as, the best colors for a cover and the most profitable months to release a book, are revealed. I feel like I know a priceless secret that other aspiring authors don’t know.  The great part is, it doesn’t have to be a secret. I would encourage anyone who is genuinely serious about writing and publishing a book to take this class! 

Carmen Chloe Author of Single, Sexy, and Crazy as Hell: a Guide to Making Better Decisions in Life and Love

But Wait, There’s More

You get instant access to TBSP private members-only Facebook group, which is a supportive community where you share resources, exchange ideas, ask for feedback, celebrate your successes and much more! (A $197 Value!)

You also receive our brand new workbook that’s jam packed with:

  • Everything from ultra-positive thinking techniques to sample marketing plans from our most successful projects and visionary goal-setting. Useful. Simple. Potent.
  • Our personal resource rolodex of editors, book cover designers, web/graphic designers, printers, copywriters and more.
  • Winning strategies, tools and mantras to help you stay motivated. For life. (A $297 Value!)

Note: The Best Sellers Project interactive workbook isn’t a self-help workbook, a bundle of empty encouragement, or formulaic tip sheet. It’s a proven system of thought-shifting techniques for people who are serious about taking their writing and self publishing career to the next level.

Fortunately, we know you’re serious. Or you wouldn’t be here.

Because of the information I learned in The Best Sellers Project, I was able to produce a rock solid social media and marketing campaign creating serious buzz before my book was even out and a referral to a web designer who made me a beautifully website. After TBSP my first novel, Where Did We Go Wrong?, hit three best sellers list including #1 (with 150+ five star reviews) on Amazon!

The Best Sellers Project gave me all the tools, secrets, and strategies I needed to become a BEST SELLER!”

Monica Mathis-Stowe Best Selling Author of Where Did We Go Wrong?

You Have Questions…We Got Answers!

How much does TBSP cost and what’s included?

* 4 high powered LIVE mentoring sessions with Tiphani and Azarel, in which you’ll receive their most powerful ideas, advice, and resources (a $4,500 value)

* Our exclusive “Your Next Chapter” bonus offer  (a $997 value)

* Custom workbook. Useful. Simple. Potent.(a $297 value)

* Top Secret Facebook Group (a $197 value)

* Life time access to TBSP. Forever. And Ever. (PRICELESS!!!)

Over $6,000 of Value!



  • * Lifetime Access to The Best Sellers Project. And that's LIFE as in for...EVER.
  • * 4 LIVE Group Strategy and Mentoring Sessions
  • * A Custom Workbook
  • * Access to Private Members-Only Facebook Group
  • * Exclusive Your Next Chapter Bonus Offer
  • * Lifetime Access to The Best Sellers Project. And that's LIFE as in for...EVER.
  • * 4 LIVE Group Strategy and Mentoring Sessions
  • * A Custom Workbook
  • * Access to Private Members-Only Facebook Group
  • * Exclusive Your Next Chapter Bonus Offer
  • * 3 One one One Consultation With Tiphani and Azarel Where We'll Work Side By Side to Refine Your Personalized Action Plan to Double Your Revenue

The Best Seller Project was the jumpstart I needed to finally start writing the book I’ve been wanting to write for years! Tiphani and Azarel share their wealth of knowledge and experience as both writers and publishers making the whole process much less intimidating for a first-time author. If you’re thinking of writing or self-publishing your book… you must invest in yourself with The Best Seller Project!


Julie Barnes Women's Empowerment Coach

Where is the class located?


When is the last day of registration?

The cart closes on Friday, July 29th.

What are the dates and times?

The live group strategy and mentoring sessions will be held on:

Monday, August 1st  at 9pm EST
Monday, August 8th at 9pm EST
Monday, August 15th at 9pm EST
Monday, August 22nd at 9pm EST

Each session will last until every question has been answered!

What if I can’t make the live strategy sessions? Will they be recorded?

Absolutely. Everything will be recorded and delivered to your inbox as soon as class is over.

Who is The Best Sellers Project for?

TBSP is for authors and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build a platform and successfully publish your own print and ebooks!

Whether its your personal life story you want turned into a memoir, a self help book to help guide others through difficult journeys in life, or that best selling novel that’s been stuck in your soul for years, this bootcamp is for you!

If my ultimate goal is to be published by a major publisher, do I still need to take this program?

Yes and no.

No, if you have found a literary agent and you have publishers ready to buy your book. In that case, you need to write a book proposal.

Yes, if you can’t find an agent or a publisher to touch you (or your book) with a ten foot pole and you’re ready to take matters into your own hands.

The truth is, a publishing house isn’t likely to give you a book deal if you don’t have a platform already established. A platform is an audience of fans or followers that you’ve built a relationship with and will buy what you’re selling. A major publisher wants answers to questions like how many Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube followers do you have? How many people do you have on your email list? How much work have you done to market yourself before coming to them?

It’s a common misconception that it’s the publisher’s responsibility to market your book. It’s not. This responsibility relies solely on you and unless you’ve conquered this giant, your chances of getting an agent or a book deal as a first time author is slim to none.

The publishing industry is changing. Authors have a chance to make their own rules, which was an option that wasn’t available to you before.

Remember, 50 Shades of Grey was rejected by every publisher she proposed her book to. She went on to self publish her project as an ebook and, well, you know the rest (hint: it involves lots of these—–> $).

In TBSP we’re going to teach you how to build a platform and market your book to the right audience.

When is your next class?

We open the doors to this amazing bootcamp 3-4 times a year. TBSP is not only our signature program, but it sells out EVERYTIME we open the doors for registration.

If getting your book published this year is on your to do list you definitely want to take this course now!

How can I reach you if I have more questions?

Email: tiphani@tiphanimontgomery.com and I’ll get right back to ya!

The Best Sellers Project taught me more in 30 days than a marketing class I took in college taught me in an entire semester!

Crystal G. Edwards
Crystal G. Edwards Queens, NY


  • * Lifetime Access to The Best Sellers Project. And that's LIFE as in for...EVER
  • * 4 LIVE Group Strategy and Mentoring Sessions
  • * A Custom Workbook
  • * Access to Private Members-Only Facebook Group
  • * Exclusive Your Next Chapter Bonus Offer
  • * Lifetime Access to The Best Sellers Project. And that's LIFE as in for...EVER.
  • * 4 LIVE Group Strategy and Mentoring Sessions
  • * A Custom Workbook
  • * Access to Private Members-Only Facebook Group
  • * Exclusive Your Next Chapter Bonus Offer
  • * 3 One one One Consultations With Tiphani and Azarel Where We'll Work Side By Side to Refine Your Personalized Action Plan to Double Your Revenue

One of the BEST investments that I ever made! I learned soooo much from Tiphani and Azarel and I still pull out my notes from TBSP sessions when I need to get a job done! Thanks to Tiphani Montgomery and Azarel my dreams of being a published author came true…don’t SLEEP on this!!!!!!!!

Dr. Adair Johnson Psychologist and Author of Get Over It

Praise and Applause for TBSP

I really enjoyed this course! it has really helped me become focused and organized in regards to starting my book and getting it published! Since the class, I’ve started building my ‘Connie B.’ brand online so I can promote my book. The Best Sellers Project has made me knowledgeable about operating as a business as opposed to a hobby. I am happy to model myself after two successful women. I love the inspiration from Tiphani and Azarel as well. They are evidence for me to see that “It can be done.” I have moved from fear to taking action! Thank you!

Constance Beckford
Constance Beckford Los Angeles, CA

The Best Sellers Project is the BEST and worth the investment! There was valuable information that Tiphani and Azarel gave that I would have A) learned too late or B) never would have found out that easily. I would have had to dig for it and that takes time to research on your own. The best part about The Best Sellers Project is that you can go back and replay each class. This is worth it’s weight in gold because you don’t have to worry about taking a lot of notes. I guarantee you that you will walk away feeling like you have all the experience in the world to become a best seller!

Patrice Tartt
Patrice Tartt Woodbridge, VA

I was already making a nice amount of money as a self-publisher, but The Best Sellers Project elevated my game to the next level. Tiphani and Azarel possess a high quality energy that motivates you to bring your A game and creativity as you think outside the box to create success as a writer and self publisher. These classes feature true stories that break the mold of what it takes to be self published. You don’t need luck, you don’t need a publishing deal – you just need hustle and spirit! I plan on taking this class again because its really worth the investment!

Lauryn Doll
Lauryn Doll Staten Island, NY

For anyone who has thought about writing a book and starting a publishing company, The Best Sellers Project is worth the investment. Tiphani and Azarel condenses a business degree into a month of knowledge that outlines step-by-step in detail the process of self-publishing and what it takes to be successful. Why wait around for your book to be discovered when the game of publishing has changed? Instead, get coaching from two women who have played and won!

Ranny Kang
Ranny Kang

Sometimes, one may think they know it all when it comes to business. However, being taught and shown how meticulous the publishing industry can be, could not have been better illustrated by more experienced, innovative and dedicated women. The glass ceiling is shattered and both Tiphani and Azarel have shown this with The Best Seller’s Project. There is a certain confidence that comes with this instructional class; belief in self excels in a trajectory of truth. Amazing!

Sabrina Ashley
Sabrina Ashley Author of The Virtuous Gem

The Best Sellers Project was full of quality content, which included a clear and proven marketing plan, resources, sales tactics and exceptional promotional strategies that I may have easily overlooked. TBSP isn’t for the uncommitted or the faint of heart, but neither is the publishing industry. Tiphani and Azarel didn’t hold anything back and truly over delivered in this boot camp. Coming from two successful best- selling authors, I am confident and equipped to deliver my own book and established myself as a published author, thanks to their subject matter expertise.

When it comes to writing, there are so many different avenues that you can take which can be a project within itself. The Best Seller’s Project is packaged systematically and helped keep me on track and not become overwhelmed. The entire approach was goal oriented and organized and no question went unanswered.

My main objective was to rid myself of excuses of not having time to finish my book and get my story out into the world. I’ve met my objective through the bootcamp and gained more awareness and clarity. I appreciate Tiphani and Azarel for their insight!

Melanie Avery
Melanie Avery Atlanta, GA